After an auto accident, do I call a lawyer or doctor?

Written By Advanced Spine Center on January 22, 2016

How many times do you see those billboards or TV commercials advertising big, popular law firms?  Sometimes we see them so many times, that we have already memorized the catchy telephone number.  Subconsciously you might want to immediately dial the lawyer's number.  After all, they got the person on the billboard a huge settlement.
The truth is, a lawyer cannot do much for you unless a doctor has already examined you and determined you have suffered an injury.  When your body feels the symptoms of whiplash, you need a doctor who focuses on finding out what is wrong so you can get the best treatment.
Although your health is far more important than any monetary gain you may or may not get because of a court case, the two are integrally related.  Many injuries from whiplash are permanent and leave the injured party with a whole body life time impairment that requires legal intervention so that you get compensated for injures by the at fault driver.
According to the latest Florida PIP law, you now have only 14 days from the time of the accident to make sure that you are examined by a doctor or else you lose your right to receive any benefits from your insurance.  The very insurance you have been paying periodically to make sure you are covered in case of an accident.  In addition, if you injuries are not significant, then the insurance company limits your medical benefits to $2500, even though you paid for the required $10,000.   A doctor who specializes in whiplash injuries can quickly determine if your injuries qualify for the full $10,000 benefit.
When it comes to your health and an injury settlement, your best course of action is to make an appointment with an experienced injury chiropractor who will perform a thorough examination and use the latest diagnostics techniques, such as digital motion X-ray, needed to establish evidence of any injuries and provide for the best treatment.    The doctor can assess your injuries; monitor your progress throughout your treatment; refer you to a lawyer who thoroughly understands your injuries and can represent your interests.  A lawyer who is willing to take the case to court and be confident in presenting your injuries to a jury.  The doctor must also work with your auto insurance company to make sure your medical bills are getting paid.